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White Sage and Yerba Santa Smudging Bundle 9"L

White Sage and Yerba Santa Smudging Bundle 9"L

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Yerba Santa is grown in the dry hill areas of California and Northern Mexico

Yerba Santa sage has a truly uplifting scent. Traditionally, it is used as a smudge for protection and setting boundaries. It is also believed to have healing properties and is used in herbal medications to help with respiratory problems. This Smudge Stick has a sweet smell that will delight your home, office, or any surrounding

A wonderful ceremonial wand to burn for healing, purification, and love.
Yerba Santa promotes self-love, self-care, protection, purification, healing, spiritual strength, courage, psychic abilities, and finding your innermost self.

White sage properties are used for a deep cleanse of negative energy and it helps raise the vibrations of your space

Each Smudge Stick is usually 8 -9 inches in length

This is a hand-tied natural item so please allow some variance from item to item.

String colors may vary

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