Selfie or not to Selfie--that is the Question

Selfie or not to Selfie--that is the Question

Selfie or not to Selfie--that is the Question

Today while scanning through Instagram/Facebook there were a few personal reflections.

Have we realized how quickly we are becoming a narcissistic society?

Amazing that we have moved from self hatred to self love on many levels on the other hand the self love is now on overkill?

Every photo is of ones self..changed my hair, added new lipstick, eyebrows on fleeek etc..

We take so many photos of ourselves that its down right scary..

It seems we have forgotten to take pictures of the world we live in, the moment we are in..........The things that if life was to be taken away tight now ...that we would want to cherish and see again.

Myself.. I dont take many selfies, its too easy to get lost in the false fanfare and fall under the illusion that anyone really cares about Who, What, When, Where and Why I am doing things.

It doesn't make me better than anyone, on the other hand it is important to live within the real moments of time...

Sit down for 5 minutes and put away your phone and watch around you....its frightening....everyone is looking down at their phone. Even couples at dinner are more obsessed with their phone and taking that great selfie even if their relationship is a mess.

No one knows how to be social.. we have become antisocial in an apparently social society

The "Selfie" is what we want everyone to think about us not what is actually true, if we dont like the picture we delete and continue taking more until its perfect.

...Ahhh now i can post this shot

The true moments gets lost in Photoshop and the garbage can button. We miss those beautiful moments like the horizon of the sky, the fashion on the street, the laughter around us.

One could say this blog is melodramatic and full of melancholy but I miss the chatter, the imperfections, those pictures we used to look at and say ...Crap did I really used to dress like that?? Now everything and everyone is peeerfffect!!!

No lectures or preaching.....just a reminder to take more pictures of others than ourselves and be in the moment

...Life is fleeting and expires quickly.....and remember if you have to take that selfie is the key to the best


Keep living and being your best Fit Fine and Fabulous self


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