Secrets To Staying Fitfineandfabulous

Secrets To Staying Fitfineandfabulous

Today I had a somewhat stressful day at my full-time job, then I went home and attempted to manage my new online business.

I am an admitted control freak and when things are not organized I basically have a minor internal meltdown until I remind myself that it always gets better.

In the bathroom mirror today I fluffed my hair (yes... after washing my hands- I know you thought it) and said "Hey you are still looking good for someone who's over 45---what's your secret?

After smiling.. I pondered the question what is my secret?

I'm not going to tell you that I eat well cause i don't (potato chips and Magnum ice cream bars are my Achilles heel) and I wont say that my face care routine is on par cause it ain't (I remove makeup at night but moisturizing my skin is a daily feat of will) and i have fallen off my workout routine but lucky for me my full-time job have me running all day long.

What I will admit and agree is that I exercise my emotions very well.

I am not afraid to be mad, not afraid to say no, and when I am tired giiirrlll i don't go anywhere!

I firmly believe that your emotions can age you, its important to feel it all.

When its time to cry... then cry ...then wipe your tears and put some tea bags under your eyes to reduce the puffiness then put your heels on and get steppin.

Stop trying to please everyone and make everyone happy. In turn you will make everyone happy because they will respect your boundaries and limits.

Life is so short, don't age yourself on someone Else's behalf, don't keep him/her around if they don't enhance you and for goodness sake don't work anywhere you aren't appreciated and valued (i have left a many great jobs when my worth was de-valued)

In the end feeling your emotions is how you can and will Stay Fitfineandfabulous (Also a new dress, shoe, jewelry etc also helps:)


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