How To Care For Your New Designer Handbag

How To Care For Your New Designer Handbag

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to buy a designer handbag? AWESOME!

Designer handbags only increase in value over time especially for collectors. It doesn't matter what season you buy whether its current or an older season.

We always say your designer handbag ain't  "OLD" its " VINTAGE" (sounds like a great T-shirt!)

A designer bag is an expensive purchase for anyone to make. And value is important to us just like you!

To keep your handbag looking like new today or for resale later here are some simple and easy things to remember:

1. Store Your Designer Handbag In A Dust Cover At All Times

A dust cover keeps the bag dust free, ensures the bag will not fade, and reduces the likelihood of the bag being scratched or damaged. If your handbag did not come with a dust bag use a pillowcase!!

2. Keep Your New Handbag In A Clean And Dry Environment

Designer bags need to be kept in a clean and dry environment. Most designer bags are made from fine Italian leather or have detailed embellishments. Leather like calfskin and lambskin are easily scratched and damaged.

3. Keep It Gently Stuffed!!

If you don’t have the original stuffing that came with the bag, scrunched up bubble wrap is a great option. But don’t over stuff the handbag!! Keep the stuffing natural so the leather will not overstretch.

We like to keep life simple, who needs all the extra rules and things to remember!!

Stay Tuned... we are going to keep sharing Tips and Tricks to keep you and your products looking FITFINEANDFABULOUS


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