Fast Fashion vs. High end Designer.

Fast Fashion vs. High end Designer.

Like many people I used to put price above everything else when updating my wardrobe. Cheap fast fashion seemed to make sense and I wanted to keep up with multiple trends per season without emptying my wallet.

But many of my outfits would shrink, fade and/or lose their shape, and the deal no longer seemed worth it. Today I consider myself a savvier shopper looking who is looking to have long-term relationships with my wardrobe.

When my clothing started to last longer, I began to learn the age old lesson about the difference between cost and price.

Price is what I pay today, cost is what I spend over time,

The concept of investing in my wardrobe is something I started thinking about several years ago. Paying more for quality apparel is a mindset but also smart for your pocketbook.

Now don't be fooled I am definitely not wealthy and my wallet has become thinner over the years with the rise of inflation, family challenges etc.etc.

I now understand that value is about what something is worth, not just what it costs. Spending $20 on cheaply made pants with uneven seams is not good value, and you definitely won't feel good in it. Clothes that start to fall apart after a few washes are not bargains and its no wonder our landfills are filling up with clothing everyday!

Below are just a few things I started a few years ago

Shop Out of Season for New Designer Clothing

If you love new...(who doesn't) then shop out of season for the best value. Most stores have sales regularly, even connecting with a salesperson in high end shops for advance email/text updates in regards to sale is always helpful.

Shop Consignment and Thrift shops

Some of my best most loved designer pieces have come from a fun consignment shopping excursion. Online sites like The RealReal authenticate the products they sell

Audit your closet every 6 months and get rid of the old stuff

If you haven't worn it in a few months (excluding seasonal items) donate it to a thrift store or charity organization. Value Village is a great store that donates to local community organizations, and you reduce your impact on our landfills.

Shop for what you love..not what everyone else is wearing

I love handmade pieces especially in jewelry sites like Toni Daley. These purchases becomes an item to cherish vs something to get bored of

There is no reason why we cannot get what we want while being kind to the environment and smart for our pocketbooks. Buying clothing that makes our bodies and our budgets look good is definitely living the Fit Fine and Fabulous life everyday

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