Fall 2018 Fashion Trends to Flaunt this Season

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Posted on October 20 2018

Fall Fashion Starter Pack – Biggest Fall 2018 Fashion Trends to Flaunt this Season

 Fall is usually full of surprises! Depending on the place you live, fall for you either mean sweaters, hoodies and boots or just a plain crop top with easy-breezy bottoms. Regardless of the geographical environmental conditions, at almost every state, fall is the perfect in-between transitional period where you can get away with mixing and matching accent pieces from your summer and winter closets and come up with chic and fabulous fall outfits. Especially for women who are inclined towards becoming smart consumers and reduce landfill wastage by bidding adieu to the fast fashion trends, fall is the perfect season for some experimental fashion fun.

Here are few of our favorite fall fashion clothing pieces along with styling tips to flaunt them in more than one combos:


1- Military Camo Print Athleisure Two Piece


Military camouflage print is a cult-classic go-to fall fashion and Athleisure is just the leading trend of the time. This gorgeous fall starter two-piece set combines the two trends together in a fabulous short sleeves crop top and drawstring leggings. Wear the set together for a sporty vibe or combine the top with a denim skirt and jacket for a contemporary urban vibe.


2- A Champagne Sequin Midi Dress

Our biggest takeaway from the fall 2018 fashion runways was this: sparkling sequin is still glam. You got to have at least one sequin dress in your closet to don on evenings you want to go clubbing or partying. A champagne dress would be the perfect base to dress up with some statement jewelry or down with neutral shoes for semi-casual dinner dates.


3- A Bright Colored Cardigan

Red is the color of fall 2018. And throwing on a bright vivid red cardigan on top of a plain crisp button up would add fifty shades of fall to your outfit in a jiffy. Alternatively, you can pair a knitted cardigan with a sundress and extend the life of your favorite summer outfit by a few weeks.


4- A High-Waist Split or Asymmetrical Skirt

Meghan Markel is seriously the goals for high-waisted skirts! The woman style them so well; and only recently her asymmetrical fall dresses have been the talk of the town. You can steal a little fashion advice from the Duchess and get yourself a high-waisted skirt with ruffles or asymmetrical shifts. Pair it with shirts and tops you already have and infuse a new soul to them.

With just the addition of a few fall fashion clothing articles, you can instill a whole new vibe to your closet. Don’t wait up, try at least one of these fall 2018 fashion trends today and feel like a diva already!

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