Comfy Designer Shoes??..Impossible But True

Comfy Designer Shoes??..Impossible But True

So…..after many years of a consistent love hate relationship with my designer heels. I thought I would share some tips on how to get them to be more comfortable,

Many women have given up and live in ballerina flats and sneakers…Not me…..when I put on a pair of heels I stand taller, hold my head higher …..And trust me my significant other always appreciates the effort.

So here goes my grasshoppers…..

Lesson #1 It's all about the padding under the ball of your foot!

Padding can be achieved with a small insole under the ball of your foot or many designers incorporate additional padding in their shoes. (Be careful sometimes adding an insole can make the shoe tighter).

​Lesson #2 The best time to buy shoes is in the afternoon or evening when your feet are a little more swollen

This was one of the best lessons I ever learned. In the morning your feet have not swollen to their true size and also lets be honest.... who's shopping with you in the morning anyhow??

Lesson #3 Try shoes on!!!

Not only is it fun and definitely can give a girl some practice in strutting but different designers fit very differently and you’ll never know which ones you like until you try them on walk around the store a few times.

Remember….If it’s tight, don’t assume it will stretch. And if it slips in the heel, assume it will always do that.

Lesson #4 Pay attention to how narrow the shoe looks in the toe area and if there’s any foam or padding under the sock

Pointy toe shoes are fab and they always make a fashion resurrection so pay extra attention or just get that bunion removed (soooo worth it)

High heels are always easier to walk in if they have a platform—the more support the better 

Lesson #5 The higher the heel means the less suitable they are for walking.

I have divided my shoes into 2 groups……..The car to restaurant shoes (they are sexy but way too high) All day working girl shoes (usually a mid level pump with a solid heel or a wedge) and No.. it's not happening today shoes (Ballerina and sneakers..yes this girl do have 'em)



I do believe that designer shoes are more comfortable because of the craftsmanship.  The insoles which are made with leather are much more comfortable and cushion your foot as opposed to non-designer heels which can be made with man-made materials and that are stiff and can feel like you are walking on a piece of wood.

So that’s it ladies…Pray to the Shoe Gods, throw those bad boys on and get strutting…you got work to do.


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